Hello dear animal lovers!
We are a small animal association here on Tenerife.

Our work / Our goals
We are a small animal centre whose goal it is to help the abandoned dogs and cats here on the island. True, as yet we do not have the capacity of a big animal shelter, but we can offer to take in approximately 50 cats and about 20 dogs.

Ideally we like to offer shelter to those animals who for one reason or another cannot remain in a normal refuge. Among them:

  • Injured animals requiring special care.
  • Traumatized dogs and cats, which have been mistreated and need careful, patient and
    loving handling in order to be able to re-socialise and build up trust.
  • Animals on medication
  • Orphaned puppies/kittens, relying on people for feeding and learning how to behave around other people and animals.
  • Dogs who need to learn or re-learn the “everyday doggie” things (How to walk on and off the lead, toilet training, how to behave around people and other animals.)

Further goals:

Animals available for sponsoring
Preparing and finalizing animal adoptions, both on the island and in Europe
Bringing the work of MAdAT Animal Protection Association closer to the children and people here on the island through action days, brochures and visiting classrooms.
Information for people interested in adopting one of our animals.
Opening of a charity shop (Sale of second hand and nearly new clothes, furniture etc. This will simultaneously serve as an information centre about our association). Shop takings will be used to maintain the animals and also to invest in new projects.
Building of an adequate cattery in order to be able to divide our feline guests in appropriate age groups. By doing so we hope to give them the best opportunities for survival and adequate socialising, and make their stay with us as comfortable and stress-free as possible.